We Recruit SA’s Elite Storytellers

22 years of working with journalists, radio producers and videographers.

Opening in 2000, MediaWeb Journalism Hub, delivered the latest news, tips, courses and resources to South African media. Building a vast network, we then decided to match-make master storytellers with industry-leading brands. 

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Our Products

Content Strategy

Often overlooked, cementing your positioning, value and messaging – in a sea of competitors – is paramount. Selecting channels that deliver is equally imperative.

Content Creation

Creating a narrative that speaks to your brand’s values, culture, people, customer experience, while showcasing the premium of your product, requires talented creatives.

Content Explosion

Coordinated publishing of content across channels at the right time, will shape a bold, memorable brand experience – the final, and most important, tightrope walk to master.


Through Creative Ideas,
Innovation & Sheer



When you have access to the best fleet of storytellers nationwide, your brand story becomes compelling and memorable, and stands out from your competitors. In a sea of content, that’s critically important.

Senior Staffers

We don’t use juniors simply because we believe in running an operation where the most experienced team member is client-facing, as opposed to a room full of agency folk who simply do not add value, but are billing you per hour.

Metrics Driven

We don’t have long protracted contracts. Our metrics need to illustrate value, and we show that in an intelligent reporting system that maps against objectives. If we miss target, you’ll be told. And if that is our fault, we don’t expect to last.

Our clients speak for us.

They’re the best sales team we could find.

We have worked with Mediaweb and PRWeb for almost 5 years now. Their excellent writers have driven many aspects of content marketing telling our story via email, social, video and PR. Their holistic approach, expertise and passionate has provided great results and made them an absolute pleasure to work with locally and globally.
Karen Nadasen
Country Manager, PayU South Africa (Naspers)
PRWeb’s approach of challenging the status quo was eye-opening, and made us rethink our product offering which lead us to introducing additions and improvements in order set ourselves aside in the market. The team packaged the product and broadcast it across marketing channels while maintaining an integrated and holistic message at all times. It was an absolute pleasure working with this agency – they are professional, reliable and dedicated to delivery – their enthusiasm is also contagious. I would highly recommend them, regardless of your product.
Nic Simons
Managing Director, Trilogy
We’ve been using PRWeb to deep-dive into the different stories of our companies and deliver media articles with impact. Very quick at grasping the essence of the story and selecting a unique media angle, the team’s writers are also excellent. On top of that, they manage to get our stories out into the world, with many successful campaigns over various high-impact digital and other platforms. Mediaweb and PRWeb have added significant value to our media campaigns and our brand.
Frans Meyer
CEO, Alphawave Group

Deeper Digital Storytelling

Brand Journalism in South Africa

Brand Journalism? Why it’s better.

Human beings are a savvy bunch these days. We’ve become finely attuned to Public Relations patter and overtly commercial hogwash, usually crafted under a marketing manager’s instruction.

Choosing a tech PR agency in South Africa

Choosing A Tech PR Agency In South Africa

Choosing a tech PR agency in South Africa can be a challenging task, as there are many factors to consider; it is important to find an agency that is aligned with your company’s values and purpose.

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