Your brand is the big event.

Maximise event ROI.

Rich in speakers, insights, thought leadership, events are largely under utilised. Multiple stories, media connections, potential publicity, ready-made video content, pod audio, social media posts & interviews.

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Real bang for buck

Extract maximum value
From your event investment

  • We attend events as ‘mobile reporters’
  • We cover the story highlights
  • Or cover specific speakers
  • We invite media
  • Generating PR coverage after the event
  • We shoot videos of the event 
  • Or specific speakers
  • Thought leader interviews
  • Social media posts
  • Record for podcast audio

What type of events?

  • Webinars (Digital)
  • Conferences and Summits
  • Awards
  • End of year functions
  • Any event where you wish to show expertise, industry leadership, values or purpose


Sitting on a content gold mine

Events cost money. Webinars sap valuable time, despite costing very little.

At the end of your event, can you safely say you extracted the valuable nuggets that emerged? The soundbites, video snippets, and the thought leadership content shared by your team or guest speakers – some of whom you may have paid a fair price for. 

Just one event can provide storytelling for weeks across your marketing channels – those nuggets turn into gold, the alchemy of packaging into one coherent brand pack of insightful takeaways. 

Audiences either relive, reconnect with, or appreciate what’s on show, what they can store and retain about your brand or expertise. 

Your audience of 100 people, or 1000, can reach 10 000 or 100 000 – or even millions when its amplified by media coverage and social media sharing.

And it was all there, at the event, right under your nose.

Our clients speak for us.

They’re the best sales team we could find.

Working with Dean and the MediaWeb Group agency is like having a larger team versus a supplier relationship. They are proactive in their approach and low maintenance which is a win. Integrating PR, social, video, event reporting – to name but a few – is one of their many strengths. As content creators we can count on them to get it right first time and their ability to engage across the organisation takes a lot of “hand holding” out of the mix. Dean is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to financial services, and a rare find. He is always professional, engaging and enthusiastic and doesn’t give up.I would not hesitate to recommend the MediaWeb Group team.
Elisheva Gilbert
Head of Marketing, Sasfin
We’ve been using PRWeb to deep-dive into the different stories of our companies and deliver media articles with impact. Very quick at grasping the essence of the story and selecting a unique media angle, the team’s writers are also excellent. On top of that, they manage to get our stories out into the world, with many successful campaigns over various high-impact digital and other platforms. Mediaweb and PRWeb have added significant value to our media campaigns and our brand.
Frans Meyer
CEO, Alphawave Group

Deeper Digital Storytelling

Brand Journalism in South Africa

Brand Journalism? Why it’s better.

Human beings are a savvy bunch these days. We’ve become finely attuned to Public Relations patter and overtly commercial hogwash, usually crafted under a marketing manager’s instruction.

Choosing a tech PR agency in South Africa

Choosing A Tech PR Agency In South Africa

Choosing a tech PR agency in South Africa can be a challenging task, as there are many factors to consider; it is important to find an agency that is aligned with your company’s values and purpose.

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