Want to join a fleet of top writers?

We’re looking for experienced senior writers that can deliver journalism quality ‘craft’ to brand content. Can you unpack industry challenges, but still tell a compelling brand story without it being a transparent sell? Of course you can!

So mail us a CV and a few examples of your work. Or, for more information, take a look at how we work with local journalists here. 

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Or do you have content distribution superpowers?

Great stories are worth little unless they see the light of day. But how these stories are rebuilt, reformatted, and customised for various platforms and audiences, is a needed skill these days. To be able to upload, post, pitch, and press send… Well, that’s the stuff of content marketing legends.

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Our Process

1. Send a CV and work examples

Simply send an email to info@mediaweb.co.za with your updated CV to share your senior experience. And some examples of your finest work.

2. First Telephonic

From there, let’s have a chat and see where it leads us. We may not have an immediate gap or assignment, but requests find their way to us, and you may be a perfect match.

3. Technical Test

We may ask you to write a piece for us to test you for crisp execution and turnaround. If it’s a real job as a test, we will pay you, of course.

4. Jobs on the way

Once we’ve jumped through the usual hoops and you’ve proved your skills, we can start sending the work for that industry or client to you on a consistent basis.

Ready For Your New Job?

Click the button below and first let us know that you’re interested, the industry you work in and your skill level.

Deeper Digital Storytelling

Brand Journalism in South Africa

Brand Journalism? Why it’s better.

Human beings are a savvy bunch these days. We’ve become finely attuned to Public Relations patter and overtly commercial hogwash, usually crafted under a marketing manager’s instruction.

Choosing a tech PR agency in South Africa

Choosing A Tech PR Agency In South Africa

Choosing a tech PR agency in South Africa can be a challenging task, as there are many factors to consider; it is important to find an agency that is aligned with your company’s values and purpose.

Let’s chat and see where it takes us!

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Phone: 021 419 3144
Email: info@mediaweb.co.za

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